Jonathan M. Cook

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Welcome to Jonathan M. Cook's Official Website

Welcome to the newly redesigned website of Jonathan M. Cook, controversial author of Youth and Other Fictions, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, and SINNERMAN.

Here you will find information about the author, his individual works and their availability, and ways of contacting him.

News and Updates

.:: 5 September 2014 ::.

A 40-track collection of my music entitled Consequently, Ruthless Pragmatism has been released! You can find it on Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby! It will soon be available on as many streaming services as possible, as well as Google Music!

.:: 24 May 2014 ::.

As a side project, I've begun a podcast over at Pomegranate Radio.

Don't worry, though! I'm still hard at work on Songs For Sirens!

.:: 3 April 2014 ::.

A teaser trailer for Songs For Sirens is now live! Check it out! The novel itself is still a work in progress, but it's definitely progressing! Updates to come!

.:: 19 November 2013 ::.

The SINNERMAN virtual book tour is over. Jonathan would like to thank all the bloggers involved.

.:: 11 November 2013 ::.

Added a key to the songs used in SINNERMAN.

.:: 30 July 2013 ::.

To celebrate the recent ebook releases of SINNERMAN, Jonathan will soon be departing on a virtual book tour. Expect reviews, interviews, guest posts, and giveaways.

.:: 14 February 2013 ::.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrate with SINNERMAN, Jonathan's newest novel! Read it with someone you love!